Norms of erotic trio FMF

Have you long wanted to try a threesome? Then you have to learn about several ways how to organize such an exciting adventure. But before you start tearing off your partners' clothes, you should learn a couple of useful rules. Then you will be able to satisfy competently two women at once, having given pleasure to everyone.

Norms of erotic trio FMF

Threesome is not like the usual one. The second girl will require to spend much more energy. First, imagine what you would like to do in bed.

This kind of sex is in two versions:

  • one woman and two men;
  • one man and two women (this is much more common).

Psychological comfort

If we are talking about the model of FMF, be sure to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. All girls have their own style of behavior in bed and the scope of what is permitted. If it be overcome, they may not like it.

Let's suppose you decide to try a threesome when one of the women is your wife or girlfriend. Then be prepared for the fact that this exciting orgy will unpredictably affect further relationships. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, find out what will be permissible for your girl. For example, to watch oral sex it would be interesting, but for anal she does not want to watch.

Try to remember: the desires of your second half you will have to respect in any case. If there are any restrictions, you need to look for compromises. Finally, any woman can suddenly arrange a scene of jealousy. No one is immune from this. It is important not to forget that the main task of threesome is to get collective pleasure.

How to find a third partner

To solve this goal, it is easiest to find on our website a prostitute who stands for FMF. But this decision must be made together with your partner. Examine site and study suitable questionnaire. After that you may call the girl. Explain her in details what do you want. The thing is that not everyone agrees to an orgy.

How to have a threesome

In classic sex, a man satisfies a woman, and she satisfies him. In orgies, the sexual geometry is somewhat different. Do you think that girls throughout the act will caress only you? It's wrong! As a result, they may just have sex with each other. In order not to feel yourself alone, try to bring the pleasure to them at the same time. Use every part of your body to do this.

Do not think that women immediately want oral sex. Just get joy from what is happening and wait for the signal when one of the women wants a full copulation.

Show the initiative

Suppose your women switched to each other. Just don't lie in bed and wait. In a threesome for all there is a lesson. You have the bodies of both girls at your disposal. For example, cunnilingus is perfect. You may also masturbate. Women may have a passionate desire to help you.

Final: start

The beginning of the ending is sex with penetration. One female lover in any case remains on the sidelines. Try to caress her that she did not miss. Thanks to it you will be able even to prolong an orgasm. Do not try to ejaculate faster, because you satisfy two women!

Do not forget about safety

When practicing FMF, try to change the condom when moving from one woman to another. Otherwise, an undesirable sexual infection may occur.

Follow these simple rules, and then the threesome will bring great pleasure.