Rules for good sex that no one talks about

A well-known sex coach Ekaterina Lyubimova spoke about six non-negotiable rules of quality sex that will add a thrill to the sensations in bed.

Rules for good sex that no one talks about

The same positions and actions in sex make it routine. Many couples who have lived together for many years forget about experiments in bed, and stop enjoying intimacy. Sex coach shared the secrets of quality sex. By following certain rules, you can sharpen the sensations in bed.

Make sex a to-do list

Even the coolest sex turns into a routine over time. Many couples postpone intimacy until the moment when all the chores are completed. Many people prefer hobby to sex. The expert recommends devoting time for intimacy in accordance with individual biorhythms and temperament. It will give you an excellent mood and strong immunity. Problems should remain outside the bedroom doors For comfortable sex, you need your own territory. Set yourself the task of creating a cozy personal nest in which there will be no place for analyzing problems, talking about communal services or politics, or sorting out relationships. The bedroom should be a place for relaxation with no bad thoughts.

Don't ignore personal hygiene

Sex with the same partner gives a sense of stability and security, but there are pitfalls. People start ignoring showers, epilation and visits to gynecologists. Gradually, this behavior becomes the norm. In such a case, no one can feel attractive enough to want sex. A person who is not well-groomed loses his or her sex appeal.

Don't hide your desires

Regular partners are a team and they need to talk to be successful. Try talking about what you would like to change in bed. Don't ignore seductive hints and new words. This will give the standard movements a new color, helping to tune in the desired mood.

Wear erotic lingerie

If you adore your bear or bunny slip-on panties, and your partner prefers stretched boxers, you urgently need to change something. Images of Disney characters will hardly excite your partner. Remember what kind of underwear drove your partner crazy at the beginning of the relationship? Why not buy a pair of ruffle panties and bras to add some freshness to your bedroom?

Don't let sex become a chore

Stable intimate relationships have many advantages, but you need to constantly work on them, otherwise sex will become boring. Strive for development in this area, do not be afraid to experiment, master new techniques and toys for adults. This approach will not let you lose interest in each other.