8 reasons to have an orgasm daily

Some women don't want to have sex, but they just don;t lnow what they are missing. Regular intimate life makes women more attractive, healthy and happy. Orgasm is of great benefit to the female body.

8 reasons to have an orgasm every day

You need to have sex regularly for several reasons. And the main ones are:

Saving on decorative cosmetics and visits to the beautician

It is very easy to recognize a woman who managed to reach the peak of pleasure at night: she looks happy and contented. She has radiant skin, and a smile does not leave her face. Her eyes are shining. For all this, she can thank her partner. Thanks to his skill, the beauty hormone is synthesized in the female body. Home fitness

Estrogen, synthesized during intimacy, helps to maintain excellent physical shape. 30 minutes of sex is enough to lose some weight. During this time, it is possible to burn up to 200 calories. Half an hour of having sex equates to 15 minutes on a treadmill in the gym. Why not replace your morning cardio exercises with sex?

Increasing the number of admirers

An old proverb says that trouble comes in threes. This also applies to men: if one admirer appears, soon there will be a couple more. This fact is easily explained: after amorous pleasures, the body exudes pheromones in large quantities, attracting other men

Getting rid of insomnia

Sex immediately after waking up is a good alternative to exercise. Sex before going to bed is an effective way to cope with insomnia. The rhythms of rest and wakefulness will return to normal. With the help of sex you can get rid of stress after a hard day, relax faster and fall asleep.

Good mood

It is difficult to find a woman who is negatively affected by sex. This is one of the ways to cope with depression, and it's very effective. Orgasm results in the release of large amounts of the hormones oxytocin and endorphin. Women in such moments feel euphoric. These hormones have the ability to suppress the production of other hormones that cause stress and improve mood.

Healing effect

Sometimes sex is the best medication. If a lady suffers from frequent headaches or experiences discomfort before menstruation, this is not a reason to refrain from intimacy, but, on the contrary, is a signal for action. Joy hormones can help you fight pain. They work better than analgin and other painkillers.

Strengthening immunity

Another argument for having sex regularly. Women who do not refuse from intimacy are always healthy. Doctors believe that sex helps to strengthen the immune system, increases the body's resistance to viruses. With regular lovemaking, the production of immunoglobulin antibodies is significantly increased.

This is especially important in the off-season.

Daily pleasure

Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of having a daily orgasm - enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. This is not only pleasant, but also very useful.

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