Implementation of sexual fads

It is no secret that good sex is the realization of sexual fantasies. But we do not always try them in life (in the end, this separates fantasy from reality), but the 'simpatic' website gave us the opportunity to share them all. It asks you and your partner to answer 170 questions about your sexual fantasies, then compares the results, showing only those actions that the couples match (so if there is no mutual interest, then this is not in the report).

Implementation of sexual fads

Talk about your sexual fantasies with your partner correctly, even if you are not going to implement them. «I regularly encourage people to share their fantasies with their partner. This may seem awkward at first, but can lead to some interesting experiments. You just need to start a conversation», — says Emily Morse, a sexologist and blogger at “Sex with Emily”.

Therefore, knowing what really good sex is, we asked to interview 2700 users about the most common sexual fantasies. Who knows? This article could be the real icebreaker you've been waiting for.

1) Use «dirty» slang

Almost 81% of women said they wanted their partner to be saying more rude words during sex. «The brain is your most powerful sexual organ, and dirty talk is a creative way to stimulate it,» says Morse.

Dirty talk isn't just liberating, it's also a great way to talk about your desires. «Say what you feel and it will lead to mutual comfort and even greater desire.»‎ «Your hand gives me pleasure»‎ or «I Love how you look in this position» maybe that's all it takes to see real good sex. «‎Pay attention to how your partner reacts to this, and gradually increase your efforts», — advises Morse.

2) Go to a strip club

Yes, you got it right: almost 70% of women said they would like to go to a strip club with their partner. It's not because they like girls: strip clubs have a unique and intense sexual energy, so if you and your partner are ready for that, a joint trip can make a sultry night for you.

«‎A strip club is a safe way to try a threesome without any hassle. Watch your partner or make him watch you. Playing with a stranger can be a good prelude for a family couple,»‎ says Morse.

3) Using toys with remote control

63% of women said that they fantasized about using remote-controlled sex toys, and 44% said that they would like their partners to control these toys. «Giving your partner control over your pleasure is incredibly stimulating,»‎ says Morse.

4) Blindfolded

58% of women said they fantasized about being tied up during sex. «‎In addition to sexual domination, blindfolded reinforce all other feelings,» says Morse. «‎Sudden, unexpected touches and kisses create waves of pleasure that work like turbines. And waiting for what comes next may be enough to take you over the edge.»‎ Just remember to make sure from time to time she likes what you do.