Advantages and disadvantages of clitoral orgasm

It's harder for girls to orgasm unlike men. They first need to get excited, and only then start their favorite pastime. It often happens that a man gets an orgasm faster than a woman. He lies happy, having fun, and she even did not have time to get excited, not to mention the orgasm. And it's not always the man's fault, it’s nature.

Advantages and disadvantages of clitoral orgasm

Statistics say that most women get clitoral orgasm, but not all men know this secret. And if they know, they are embarrassed to prove themselves, but in vain, because a woman also wants to get real pleasure.

Clitoral orgasm

Sexologists believe that men should pay special attention to this intimate organ, biting and licking it during caresses. But not everyone does this, believing that a woman can caress there herself, and strive to penetrate as quickly as possible into her sexual organ. Yes, the girl can give herself pleasure and get a clitoral orgasm by stimulating it, but the man ought to work on his partner.

With the help of the clitoris, a woman can quickly obtain an orgasm, but it's not as powerful as vaginal. A woman can get a clitoral orgasm during sex not in all poses. The ideal position for this case is «rider». The clitoris during the movements will rub against the pubis of the partner. As a result, a woman can get both vaginal and clitoral orgasm. If the man is behind the clitoris, during sex, the clitoris needs in stimulation. In this case, both partners will get great pleasure.

If a woman knows all her erogenous zones and is able to caress herself becoming completely self-satisfied, another question arises. Why then do we need men? Do we need men really only for procreation? To disprove this opinion men need to take the power in their hands and not to be afraid to make in a bed courageous acts. The girls like it.