Preparing for anal sex

Recommendations, contraindications and precautions for anal sex

Practical tips about anal sex
  1. In the presence of tumors or cracks in the anus or rectum, anal sex should be abandoned.
  2. During anal sex, it is necessary to maintain constant verbal contact with the partner and stop intercourse in case of pain.
  3. It is recommended to use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. It is recommended to make attempts characteristic of the act of defecation to relieve the tension of the smooth muscles of the anus.
  5. For painless penis penetration it is necessary to use a sufficient amount of lubricant (vaseline or other lubricant).
  6. If you use a condom, you should choose water-based lubricants that do not destroy the latex.
  7. If the penis is too long, you should use restrictive rings.
  8. It should be remembered that the presence of sperm in the rectum can have a small laxative effect.
  9. Before intercourse, it is recommended to clear the anus of fecal masses and, if necessary, make an enema.

Some researchers believe that the presence of immunosuppressive properties in sperm is proven (blocking of T-lymphocytes by factors contained in sperm-TGFbeta-1, IL-10, activin A, follistatin, etc.). These properties are of great biological importance in overcoming the immunogenetic conflict in the fertilization of women.

According to the authors of the study, this property of sperm can cause a decrease in the immune reactivity of the body of a passive partner (in the case of sex without a condom) and manifest an increased sensitivity to infectious diseases.

Since the intestinal microflora can cause infectious and inflammatory changes in the vagina and / or urethra, you should: use condoms, make their change when changing anal sex to vaginal, after copulation, conduct hygienic measures. In the case of vaginal intercourse, after anal without hygienic measures, there may be pain, burning and itching in the vagina.