5 positions in sex, when your ass can drive your beloved man crazy

We present to your attention 5 sex poses in which your ass looks especially appetizing.

5 sex positions

X-files (lying position, she is on top)

In this pose, the partner will be happy not only with his passive role, but also with the opportunity to admire your buttocks.

Straddle the man, while turning your back to him, stretch your legs to his shoulders, lower your breasts between his legs and start sliding on his penis up and down. When you are comfortable, add back and forth movements, tighten and relax the muscles of the vagina. Since this position provides a very close contact of the genitals, it will clearly appeal to both you and your partner.

Half-standing on the head (standing position, he is behind)

If you like it when your partner is behind, try to diversify this pose a little. Stand facing the chair or the bed, bend down and rest your head and hands on it. When the man enters you, ask him to lift one of your legs and support it by the ankle while he performs frictions. This will give your partner access to the G-spot, which, when stimulated vigorously, will lead you to the climax very quickly.

On the throne of love (sitting position, she is on top)

The man is completely at your disposal, as you, being on top, control the angle of penetration, the pace and strength of movements. Let the partner lie on his back (put a soft pillow under his shoulders) and bend his legs at the knees. Straddle him so that your legs are between his legs, put your hands on his hips and start a love dance. You may describe eights on his penis, tease him with superficial movements, wrap the glans of his penis in a tight ring, straining the muscles of the vagina. This sex pose gives you complete freedom of action.

Doggie style (kneeling position, he's behind)

The doggie style pose is remarkable for providing excellent G-spot stimulation. In addition, there is something bestial about her, and it is incredibly exciting! Do you want to add another spice to this passionate position? Have doggy style sex in front of the mirror! Or ask the man to lightly slap you on the ass when he moves. If you prefer romantic intimacy to aggressive intimacy, your partner may gently stroke you although.

Boogie-woogie (lying or sitting position, she is on top)

Most men really like to watch a woman from above, because all that is required of them in this case is just to relax and have fun. Although it is fair to say that the ladies also find this pose very attractive, because it allows them to fully control the process, determine the frequency and depth of movements, and even enjoy the active stimulation of the G-spot. The main thing is not to rush. Before you fully sit on the penis, make a few circular movements, squeezing the penis glans with the muscles of the vagina, then start moving up and down, letting the penis in as deep as possible.

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