Poll: 50% of women dream of role-playing games

According to a sociological survey, most women in Russia have not read the erotic novel «50 shades of grey», but they are all ready for sexual experiments, including role-playing games. Thus, 58% of respondents admitted that they are ready from time to time to change their roles with a partner; 29% would like to try themselves in the role of «slave»; and 13% – «mistress».

Role-playing games and family life

But fans of «50 shades of grey» responded differently. Only 44% of women chose the role of «slave», 37% of respondents consider themselves «universal», and 29% prefer to dominate.

17% of respondents agreed to sex with several partners and sex in public places, respectively, the most unpopular fantasies were intimacy with a woman (about 6%) and with a stranger (about 7%).

Interesting figures were obtained using toys and accessories. To diversify the intimate life, women first of all resort to standard decisions-erotic underwear; on the second place – aroma oils and spirits with pheromones; on the third – vibrostimulators and massagers; further with noticeable separation there are handcuffs, lashes and bandages (less than 3% of women are ready to use them).

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