Pamela Anderson amazed admirers

American actress, well-known beauty Pamela Anderson, was again in the spotlight of local media. That's what she had told.

Pamela Anderson amazed admirers

Once Pamela was at a party at the villa of Hugh Hefner – the Playboy creator. The party was by no means modest and many who were present at it, conducted not intimate conversations. Main spicy occupation of those present was group sex. Pamela, feeling like a star with big breasts, thought that many want her to join the interesting action. Embarrassed, she tried to leave the party in the style of nude as soon as possible.

Pamela told that downstairs in the Villa all the beauties were naked. After entertaining activities on the ground floor, they decided to go upstairs. Whether interest, or curiosity prompted Anderson to follow them. Blonde was shocked by the seen: seven girls were lying on Hefner. Pamela decided that they were waiting for her in order to enjoy the spectacle from the side. She did not want to participate in such an event.

Many there present then commented on this deed. They said that Anderson was not against sex with the founder of Playboy. She was simply confused by the openness of the process.