Only 55 % of women from these countries can make their own decisions.

50% of women living in developing countries are unable to manage their own bodies. They don't know what bodily autonomy is. This statement was made by representatives of the UN Foundation. They received such data in the course of the latest study. They analyzed the results of studies related to the demographic state and the medical field in several dozen countries, including Ukraine.

women are deprived of their rights

Representatives of the fairer sex do not have the opportunity to dispose of their bodies. Only 55% of the countries in which the study was conducted can decide for themselves when to receive medical care, whether to use contraceptives or abstain from sex.

Only 71% of states have a guarantee and the possibility of obtaining services in the field of maternity protection.

Not in all countries, but only in 75%, the law provides full access to contraceptives.

80% of states have legislation that supports intimate health.

56% of States have laws and programs that support sexual education.

Two dozen states have introduced laws requiring women to marry their abusers. They allow men to avoid criminal punishment, provided they marry the girls they raped.

In 43 states, there are no laws that regulate the problem of marital violence.

In 30 countries, women's rights to travel outside the home are restricted.

Minors with disabilities are more likely to be subjected to violence, and in most cases they are girls.

Representatives of the weaker sex, who have control over their own body, are very likely to have authority in other areas of life. Women and adolescent girls who have limited bodily autonomy are less able to control their own lives outside of the home. Often their future is determined by men. They have little or no knowledge of their rights.