Most Russian females are guessing at men

On the eve of Christmas, sociologists of the research center of the international network «Training Сenter SEX.RF» found out what place divination and other types of magic occupy in the lives of Russian women. It turned out that the traditional time for divination, for example, Yuletide, waiting for only 12% of ladies, the majority (40%) prefer to turn to the supernatural of necessity. 75% of Russian women believe in fate, astrology and various forms of predictions, but in relationships they prefer not to rely on them.

Most Russian females are guessing at men

The survey found that at least once in their lives turned to magic 79% of women. Among the reasons, the desire to learn about the future with a particular man is leading – so 29% of respondents answered. 9% wanted to improve their health, and 7% – to establish relations in the family. The most unpopular was the services, love spell, to hold men and solving sexual problems – these are the goals pursued by only 2% of women.

Among superstitious female respondents, astrologers and psychics are the most popular – 25% and 24% respectively addressed them. But magicians, sorcerers and fortune tellers were in little demand – they went to only 6% of respondents. At the same time, it is among their clients that the highest proportion of those who want to learn about the future with a man, solve family problems or bewitch a man – 53%, 18% and 5%, respectively.

The answers to the question, which types of predictions of the future women believe the most, were distributed as expected. The vast majority of respondents trust astrology (32%) and a little less believe in fate (29%). Numerology (6%) and maps (4%) were significantly lower in the ranking. Less just same ladies tend to rely on omens or guessing on coffee grounds-such just on 2%. The ratio of girls who do not trust any kind of magic, among the respondents was 17%.

Despite the belief of most women in fate and magic, in matters of relations with a partner, they were very rational. The majority (44%) never even thought about compatibility on astrological or magical indicators. 30% said that supernatural forces do not affect their relationship with a loved one. And only 15% are sure that the second half should be destined for them.

Even more sanity demonstrated ladies when they were asked to imagine that in reality they will meet a man incompatible with them on astrological or magical parameters. 76% confidently stated that they would not pay attention to it and would try to build a relationship with such a man. 11% will try to date him, but will not put a lot of effort. And only 1% of women will immediately stop communicating with such a person, believing that they still will not succeed.

According to Ekaterina Lyubimova, a leading Russian sex coach and founder of the international network «Training Сenter SEX.RF», the appeal of women to magic and witchcraft in matters of relations is unconstructive, since it does not eliminate the real problem, but only creates the illusion of its solution. «Women are naturally prone to magical forms of thinking, and they sometimes really want to look into the future. But it is one thing if divination is perceived as a game and entertainment, and another – as a «pill for all troubles.» In solving serious problems of life, magic often becomes a dead end, a way to explain the problem or solve it by some higher powers. Of course, when a woman leaves her husband, it is much easier for her to run on fortune tellers than to start doing something herself – to go to a professional psychologist, to start changing. But I am glad that this trend is weakening recently. In our training centers, for example, more and more women come who are willing to actively work on relationships, and not rely on fate,» – says the sex coach.

In general the study found that the majority (49%) of modern Russian women are neutral to divination, 36% are positive and only 12% are negative. Interestingly, the highest proportion of those who perceive magic positively is among women entrepreneurs. Share is 49%. The majority of civil servants (71%) are neutral to divination, and the largest share of those, who negatively perceive magic rituals, is among the temporarily unemployed and housewives (16% and 15% respectively).

The survey was conducted in December 2014 in the format of a survey of visitors of the network «Training Center SEX.RF». The survey was attended by 619 respondents-women over the age of 18 years, leading a sexual life.