Morning sex is the sweetest

It has been found out that sex in the morning is much healthier than exercise. Starting your day with sex you can energize yourself for the rest of the day, boost your immune system, lower your stress level and, what is especially motivating, lose calories.

morning sex

When it comes to physiological benefits, it has long been known that sex in the morning is much healthier than exercise. During sex, the main muscles, muscles of the arms, pelvis, butt and chest are strengthened. With an intimate process, the heart rate is restored and blood circulation improves «Couples who practice morning sex are focused and calm during the day. Those who don’t aprove of bright morning sex are more irritable and constantly stressed, and their blood pressure is stronger and deviates much more from the normal value» the message says. In addition, in the morning we are full of energy, strength and desire. Considering numerous studies, sex in the morning can be much more positive than sex during the day, evening or night.

«Thus, sex is of excellent quality. That is, you can get your own portion of happiness in the morning»; the experts noted. That is, according to experts, morning sex is the best during the day.