Men react to pictures of naked men

Photos of naked men, as it turned out, produce a psychological impact not only on women, but also on men of heterosexual orientation. Australian scientists have found that such pictures make them more actively spend money.

Wanna spend lots of money? Look at the picture of a naked man

Perhaps the men themselves do not admit it, but the study showed that pictures of naked representatives of the stronger sex affects the consciousness of heterosexual men. It turned out that muscular figures in shorts, frozen in various provocative poses, encourage men to take financial risks.

Australian scientists from the University of Technology in Sydney have proved that banks wishing to attract as many male customers as possible need to publish advertising banners with naked men. As it was established during the experiment with 180 heterosexual men and women, pictures of naked men do not leave anyone indifferent.

However, if in women they cause, for the most part, erotic thoughts, men tend to spend money more actively. This is due to the psychology of the male sex. Those who consider themselves not too attractive, when looking at beautiful models decide to take risks to increase their chances in the eyes of the fair sex.

At the same time, men who rate themselves highly enough in terms of appearance, go for less financial risks. Curiously, when looking at the naked or semi-naked women depicted in the advertising pictures, the fair sex did not express a desire to risk more.