Men are more likely than women to play hard to get

Ladies in conversation with partners were straightforward, and men – inclined to hint.

men are more often portrayed themselves hard to get

Scientists have conducted research, during which they found that men, in order to achieve sex, contrary to popular misconceptions, are much more likely to build a hard to get than ladies.

435 applicants took part in the survey, PsyPost informs. They were asked when they last visited a potential sexual partner.

The researchers evaluated how the subjects were confident in the reciprocity of their own sexual preferences. Participants were also informed about the sexual signals they were able to receive and those they transmitted.

It turned out that young people mostly restrained their own desires, while girls in many cases behaved in a straightforward way and more often even exaggerated their own interest in sex.

A date could end with sex if the girl really liked the guy's appearance. As for guys, the most important factor for them was their own experience and how long ago they had sex.

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