Can you masturbate during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special period during which the female body undergoes significant changes. The changing endocrine profile often leads to an increase in sexual desire. The reproductive organs are better supplied with blood, become more sensitive and receptive to petting. During this period, self-satisfaction brings especially vivid sensations. But can expectant mothers try masturbation or is it dangerous for the fetus?

masturbation during pregnancy

Does masturbation do good during pregnancy?

Sexologists agree that self-satisfaction while waiting for a child has many advantages. Masturbation relieves headaches, improves mood. With the normal course of pregnancy, permission from a doctor for sexual activity, self-satisfaction does good both to the expectant mother and the baby. The orgasm during masturbation stimulates the synthesis of endorphins. This is the name of the hormone of joy, which improves well-being, relieves insomnia. Contractions of the womb during orgasm stimulates blood circulation, saturates the placenta with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the development of the fetus. But there is also a negative point - masturbation during pregnancy can cause premature birth. Doctors attribute this to the fact that an orgasm with self-satisfaction causes more pronounced contractions than during regular sex. In such cases, masturbation is contraindicated for pregnant women.

In what cases is it contraindicated for pregnant women to masturbate?

Self-satisfaction is good for the expectant mother, but only if there is no threat of spontaneous abortion, uterine hypertonia. If the doctor recommends sexual rest, the prohibition applies to masturbation. If you have womb spasm or bleeding - see a doctor as soon as possible.

Rules for masturbation during pregnancy

You can engage in self-satisfaction, stimulate different zones, each of which has individual characteristics and limitations.

Clitoris stimulation

The blood saturation of the clitoris increases its sensitivity. Stimulation of this zone accelerates the achievement of orgasm, makes it bright. You can use a shower; the main caution is that the water must not penetrate the vagina.

Vaginal stimulation

Gentle self-gratification, including penetration, will not harm an expecting woman, but some doctors advise against this type of stimulation. This is due to the risk of vaginal infection. Even doctors are trying to minimize examinations of a pregnant patient on a chair, in the absence of acute indications.

Anus stimulation

This stimulation must be discarded during pregnancy. It is impossible to exclude the penetration of microbes from the rectum into the vagina, which is extremely dangerous for the fetus. Although pregnant women have a better stretching of the sphincter of the anus, there is still a chance of damaging the thin walls of the intestine, which can be fraught with an inflammatory process or hemorrhoids.

Playing with sex toys

Women are not advised to use penetration vibration stimulators during the pregnancy. Clitoral stimulants are also banned. Be sure to use a lubricant and don't forget about a condom - this will help prevent vaginal prevention. Don't forget about personal hygiene. Eliminate deep or intense penetration with sex toys. It's enough to stimulate the G-spot.

Self-satisfaction depending on the trimester

In each of the trimesters of pregnancy, there are features that must be taken into account.

First three months

Many women experience toxicities and sickness during the first trimester which leads to a sharp decrease in libido. But there are women whose libido, on the contrary, increases. But even so, only a gynecologist can allow sex. Self-satisfaction during this period should be done with extreme caution, with less pressure on the clitoris. Orgasm during clitoral stimulation is the most pronounced, uterine contractions will provoke spontaneous miscarriage.

Second three months

In the second trimester, most women are allowed to have sex and masturbate. The danger to the child is minimized, since it is already sufficiently formed and securely attached to the uterus. Nausea goes away, sexual desire increases, changes in the body are not yet so pronounced. In the fifth or sixth month of gestation, it is undesirable to lie on your back. Masturbate on your right side. Rest before and after self-pleasure to relax your muscles. Third trimester

In the third trimester, it is necessary to give up self-satisfaction and sexual life, from about the 32nd week, since orgasm can provoke early childbirth. From the 38th week, a return to sexual activity is allowed, since the fetus has already fully formed, even if the orgasm causes childbirth for the baby, there is no danger. In the last weeks of pregnancy, gynecologists even recommend having sex as a way to prepare the uterus for childbirth. The doctors concluded that in the absence of complications, sexual life and masturbation during pregnancy have a positive effect on the female body. The expectant mother feels vigorous, does not suffer from insomnia, and the fetus receives more oxygen due to good blood circulation.