Man had sex with a fence and a taxi and was sent to court

The strange behavior caused a shock of the witnesses of ‘intimacy’, especially since the «‎hero of the occasion» did all this on a crowded street. However, passers-by amicably admitted that the rampant pervert clearly reeked of alcohol.

Having sex with a fence and a taxi

It looked like the following, according to the townspeople. The man who had drunk a lot suddenly pulled down his trousers and began rubbing his causal place against the wooden fence. A 76-year-old resident of a house located near the scene of the incident caught the violator of public morals during this action.

Kathleen Nesbet, 63, who was in her house at the time, heard strange singing coming from the street (her first thought was that a happy fan of the local Celtic football club was celebrating the victory of his favorite team) and, looking out of the window, saw a naked man doing something obscene. «He walked around with his pants down to his ankles, then approached the woman. So the man masturbated for two or three minutes,» – Mrs. Nesbet testified.

Apparently, not satisfied with making love with the fence, the outrageous Scot decided to «rape» the car. Taking advantage of the fact that the taxi driver don Simpson popped into the store for a few minutes, the attacker without pants perched on the hood of an unattended car. When the taxi driver later testified in court, he estimated the degree of intoxication of the man at 8-9 points on a 10-point scale.

Meanwhile, the overly affectionate defendant denied all charges against him. But, according to experts, he will not be able to avoid a real sentence for such indecent behavior in a public place.

By the way, such an incident «under the influence of alcohol» is not an isolated case. Not so long ago, in the United States, for example, it took the efforts of at least 15 police officers to arrest a single man who was engaged in masturbation in an Oregon restaurant, 'Iggy's Bar & Grill'. A man named Andrew Frey, who began to masturbate right at the bar, responded to the policeman's legal demand to stop immediately with several stun's discharges. The law enforcement officer had to call for reinforcements…