Male professions that affect the quality of sex

American experts have conducted several large-scale studies, and found that some male specialties may affect the quality of sex.

Scientists believe that the type of sex between men and women depends on the men's professions.

According to American researchers, the most passionate and tireless lovers are men who are engaged in the production and construction. The study involved about 800 representatives of the fair sex. They answered a few questions as what is the profession they have chosen, how often they have sex, and how women are satisfied from making love. The results were found very surprising. The most skilled lovers were called men who are engaged in physical labor: builders and industrial workers.

About twenty percent of women said that they are completely satisfied with sexual relations with «‎hard workers». The weakest and inexperienced lovers were civil servants and officials who satisfy no more than six percent of women. However, the women themselves during the study said that they do not believe that the profession of a man can somehow affect the quality of sex.