Orgasm in men

Many ladies are mistakenly convinced that as soon as the beloved ejaculates, you may safely turn away and fall asleep. How does sexual pleasure in men actually manifest itself?

Orgasm in men

In reality, ejaculation is not one hundred percent proof of the resulting orgasm. These two processes may be completely unrelated to each other: orgasm may be experienced without ejaculation, and ejaculation may occur without orgasm. The fact is that getting pleasure from sex is associated with the reaction of the nervous system, and ejaculation is associated with the characteristics of the sexual system. As a rule, both of these reactions coincide and occur at the same time, but this may not happen.

The increasing excitement in a man during sex can be compared with the desire to sneeze when irritation of the nasal passages is caused with a down feather. The constant rhythmic movements provoke the buildup of arousal and increase sensitivity. As a result, the furrow and frenulum of the penis are strongly irritated, and the pleasure reaches its apogee.

The environment is very important for an opportunity to receive true sexual pleasure. For example, a sharp noise can provoke a decline in erection, and this is extremely undesirable at a time close to achieving sexual apogee. Sometimes it requires considerable effort to excite a man again.

It is often possible to hear, both from men and from women, the desire to change places to find out what sexual sensations are in representatives of the opposite sex. In fact, everything is purely individual. Loud moans may accompany, as true bliss, and a feeling similar to that experienced by all people during a banal sneeze. It is noteworthy that the strength and depth of pleasure are not permanent characteristics. Sex is volatile, just like life. The sensitivity may worsen due to intake of medicines or alcoholic beverages, and a quarrel prior to sexual intercourse.

Sex is a reflection of the relationship between a man and a woman. If there are no deep feelings, trust, support and understanding, then the pleasure will be quite questionable quality.