Infatuation or an ordinary nostalgia?

First love is the emotions that you never felt before. It perceives like a learning to fly. It is worth noting that such a novelty of feelings a person rarely will be able to feel, because the first love, it is the first.

Infatuation or an ordinary nostalgia?

As a rule, before you fall in love for real, your life was filled with something or someone else, for example, sports and friends. As soon as your first love knocks on your door, you forget everything. Now only one person matters, it's he/she.

In most known cases the first love was unhappy or unrequited. Having learned new feelings, we begin to dramatize everything, as if heroes of the Brazilian low-budget series.

We are capable of doing a whole mountain of stupid things. When we remember the first love, no matter how it ended, we begin to smile involuntarily. Now I would not have looked at my first object of sympathy, but I clearly remember the sweet sensations that I experienced, because we probably all think that the first love is forever.

After experiencing these feelings, we become adults, at the same time, biological age has nothing to do with it. So no matter what unbearable ordeals fate throws to you. You should remember that just behind them, fortune will give something good.

First love is like the first fall when you learn to ride a bike; it hurts, but is remembered for the rest of your life.