Ksenia Borodina pronounced her point of view about women's escorts

Ksenia Borodina's subscribers are shocked by her bold reflections on social networks. She has published a recording in which she voiced her opinion about prostitutes in details delving into the subject. The host of the TV show said: «Recently, in front of the 'Lobnoye mesto', we discussed with the participants of the project instagram users, as well as problems with the issuance of new posts in the tape. Many point to the fact that the activity because of such «glitches» falls. But one of the new stars of the House-2 in just 7 days got about 20 thousand new subscribers, when revealed the secret of his work in the field of escort.

Ksenia Borodina pronounced her point of view about women

Why people are so attracted to this topic? Since when did they become interested in the experience of girls working as escorts? I understand that prostitution cannot be eradicated, as the sex services are in demand. And the demand for courtesans will always be. And I'm not going to judge or discuss people who have decided to make a living in this way. But there is a certain nuance! Escort is also prostitution, veiled under another name. Just the price for sexual services of escort-girls is higher than the price of a common prostitute.

And young girls, after watching in instagram the beautiful life of escort girls, dream to repeat their false success. They no longer see value in family, children, love, self-development and education. Why bother and try to arrange their lives on their own, if you can find a sponsor? But naive girls do not even think that women who sell themselves are deeply unhappy. Prostitutes spread beautiful photos in instagram, and at night cry alone and curse their lives. They are not needed to their rich «‎daddies» and have to make sacrifices to keep their interest. Otherwise, the sponsor will find another escort girl, which hasn't bored him. And these women live in constant fear that they will be photographed and photo will be put on the court of friends, revealing the secret of how beauties earn for a luxurious life.

And it is very bitter to realize that young girls are instilled with false values. A loving guy with a modest flower loses to a narcissistic man with bottomless pockets. Girls, do you want to be successful and rich? Get an education and work on your intelligence! Even if a loved one cannot provide you with a holiday in Bali or a new Mercedes, he is still your loved one. After all, true happiness is in support, warm embrace and mutual understanding. And the money of someone else's husband, who pays for escort services, will never bring joy. I wish you real feelings and awareness of the value of life.»

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