It is malicious to health to simulate an orgasm

For what do people start sexual play? Is it a wish to know each other better? Yes, of cause, for the sake of pleasure and a desired orgasm. Each men wants to give enjoyment to the beloved and not to an indifferent partner, and at the same time know that she feels good, splendid and fine with him, that she hasn’t had a better partner and would never have.

It is malicious to health to simulate an orgasm

We, women, know about these wishes very well. And if you are not a passionate lover but he became a dear person to you – you start to simulate an orgasm. It is indeed a wonderful way out of the situation. You are contented with yourself and quite satisfied, and you tell yourself that you might enjoy yourself next time. However, the problem is that it can last for long and if we are constantly unsatisfied, then the simulation of cries, moans and other components of an orgasm turns coitus into a duty, and then into a burden.

Why does female anorgasmia happen? There are several causes, and they are not connected with frigidity. There is no female frigidity; there is only a disorder in sensitivity, which needs some correction!

The vagina is the most sensitive organ of a woman (only the clitoris can be a competitor to it). There are such spots as G, А, U, and the neck of the womb. The largest net of the nerve endings are dispersed through the whole vulva.

If the vagina has strong muscles that when constricted, affect the nerve receptors - then an orgasm is sure to come. When the phallus penetrates into a tight vagina – it affects the nerve endings from outside and causes strong muscle constrictions (the nerve receptors are vastly irritated) and it comes – just the desired moment of the bliss!

Do you want to argue? What do you think what woman will reach an orgasm quicker - the woman that has an extended, thin, fragile and soft vagina or the possessor of the dense, strong and obedient friend inside oneself?

Each coitus develops and trains the muscles of the vagina. Each sexual intercourse is a positive strain since during an orgasm the vagina contracts wavily. And for a weak, insensitive vagina coitus is a tragedy since the partner only spreads it out. If you think that a man doesn’t feel the orgasm of the partner, you are mistaken. Most men blame the girls for the attempts to imitate an orgasm. If your partner is one of those who don’t understand what happens -he is probably an uneducated man, living in the world of female lie. So he goes out in a constant search of the unrealized wishes, constantly changing his lovers.

The connection between the fibroma and sex is that during an orgasm the blood circulation is activated in the whole body, and it favorably influences the hormonal background, for example:

  • the human pulse is 70-80 beats per minute, and during an orgasm - 130;
  • the arterial pressure is 120/80, during an orgasm 220/120.

Can you imagine yourself such a power and speed of the blood circulation! In the first place the maximal blood flow is observed in the womb, vagina, ovaries and uterine tubes. And I won’t say what happens to the brain during an orgasm.

If a woman doesn’t have an orgasm, then haemostasia occurs in the womb and this leads to the appearance of neoplasms. Thus, don’t pretend to have an orgasm and don’t conceal the truth, but just talk to your partner and find the way out of the situation.