Intimate hygiene after sex

Experts unanimously say that it is recommended to drink as many glasses of water as possible after having sex.

hygiene after sex

There are a few other good hygiene habits to follow after lovemaking.

Women often prefer deep cleansing of the vagina in a shower after sex. Keep in mind, however, that showering immediately after sex can increase your risk of infections. This is due to the fact that there is a natural film in the vagina, which is a natural defense that protects the body from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria. If you rinse the vagina thoroughly, the water will simply wash it away. Moderate genital odor is normal and should not be washed off. During lovemaking, bacteria can enter the urethra. Therefore, after having sex, it is best to go to the toilet to completely empty your bladder. Don’t forget to use toilet paper to keep the infection from spreading. Also drink as much water as possible after sex. This will make you go to the toilet more often, which means flushing the body, protecting it from urinary tract infections.

If you have touched your partner’s genitals, wash your hands with soap and water. Experts recommend that you always wash your hands with soap and water after sex to remove bacteria.

Sweating areas of the body are an excellent breeding ground for not only a number of bacteria, but also fungus. Women are advised not to wear tight-fitting underwear at all times. It is best worn before sex to arouse your partner. In everyday life, give preference to cotton materials to help the skin breathe.