Interviewing with a hooker Irina

My interview with Irina happened in a small chain restaurant. That is, she introduced herself as Ira, but what her name really is, I do not know. That's not the main thing. It was important for me to talk to a woman who works as a prostitute, and try to understand her psychology. Not in the sense of «how did she come to this life», but in terms of customer relations. How do women of this profession behave with men, if their services are in demand since the creation of the world, despite all the sexual revolutions?

Interviewing with a hooker Irina

My companion in the beginning of the conversation felt herself pretty awkward. As she later admitted, she expected from a journalist, if not stupid questions, then be sure to read morality. Realizing that I was interested in something else, Irina calmed down and talked. Gradually, I stopped to see a prostitute: it was just a woman and a very interesting interlocutor. That's the conversation we had.

Why do you think a man goes to a prostitute? What does he want? Sex?

I've thought about it a lot. Look here: I have a few regular customers, somewhere about five. You know what they all have in common? You'll never guess. They're all happily married. In any of these families there is no question of divorce. But all these externally well-being marriages are boring, and the relations in them are predictable. Every day is the same thing, and, of course, in sex, too, there is no variety. And the man wants some unexpected turns, some holiday which though sometimes could distract him from daily routine. Going to the prostitute is for this purpose. It's not just sex. Very often it's not in the first place. Women of my profession have to perform the function of a psychologist. Customer came in, got sexual satisfaction, and even talk in front of an attentive interlocutor. His problems, of course, did not disappear, but there are new forces to resolve them.

So, for a man, conversation is more important than sex?

No, I don't think so. All people are different. But really, sometimes the physical takes a back seat. Just formally they pay for sex; it would be strange to refuse it. But there are many cases when the whole evenings we are just chatting with the client and even are doing household chores: cooking dinner, for example. Sometimes you forget that you are at work, the impression is that you are familiar with a man a hundred years. Some clients after this leave a big tip. It means that they were satisfied.

And are unusual sexual fantasies occur often?

Yes, they are, but much less than it is commonly believed. In fact, the problem with married men is usually not that they want some kind of perversion, but that wives can refuse sex at all. Sometimes it happens with age, sometimes - after the birth of a child. For such clients oral sex is already the bold decision. And only a small part of them comes to different toys, nurse costumes and so on.

How does a man have an idea to go to a whore?

Many wives are very unwise in marriage, because the relationship in the pair is not only a way of life. You need to talk to your husband, be able to understand his problem, sometimes give some advice. I may have a conversation with a client on any topic, and I will be interested. I have two diplomas of higher education. In our time, a good prostitute is akin to a Japanese geisha or a Venetian courtesan. She is not just a sexual object, but also an interesting interlocutor. And wives, as a rule, fall into extremes: or she is completely in the work so there is no time with the husband to say a word. Or vice versa, she is lying on the couch and is lazy once again to reach the hairdresser - then it is simply nothing to talk about. And a man comes to me and gets ease of communication, interesting and witty conversation on any topic. Well, yes a little more affection and blowjob «for dessert» - but is it difficult? No I do not know any secret secrets of sex, and apparently do not look like a model. Any woman who is ready to be sincerely interested in a loved one will be interesting for a man. Many wives lack this understanding. On the other hand, if they paid more attention to their husbands, the demand for our services would simply disappear. So in marital relations there is no ease, often there is no harmonious sex. Women do not want to use so-called «‎female wisdom». The men are coming to us.

And hurts family relationships going to a prostitute?

Of course not! If wife learns about these campaigns, then family scandal, perhaps, is inevitable. But a prostitute is not a constant mistress, whose goal is to break up a family. On the contrary, it is unprofitable for us.

Don't you want to be a permanent mistress?

Once I like and tried to. But I quickly realized, that this not for me. The constant lover is first and foremost a predator, this is difficult for me. In addition, in such a relationship, there are no less obligations than in marriage. Constantly need to be on the alert, to hide, to adapt. I don't like that.

Can you wish something to the young girls who have recently started working?

I wish everyone to set goals and achieve them. To do this, it's important all the time to go forward and believe in themselves. Yes, you can't tell everyone about our profession. On the other hand, many thus were able to solve material problems and get a start in life. Of course, these are not the girls that stand along the trails. You need to appreciate yourself. We must not forget about the rest, sometimes you have to pamper yourself. Then you will have a good mood, and customers feel it. Investments in yourself will benefit both you and the men with whom you communicate.

On this note my interview with Irina ended. Maybe I'll talk to her again. I think what she was talking about is good for both men and women, whoever they work for.