In the US a terminally ill woman decided to plunge into the world of sex

After learning about her disease, a woman decided to enjoy life to the fullest and have sex with as many men as possible.

American woman sleeping with 185 men

Recently it has been reported that an American woman called Molly started sleeping with lots of men after learning learned about her disease. It was the fourth stage cancer. She divorced with her husband and started to get laid with different men. The family had some problems in sexual sphere and the woman hoped to explore her sexuality before death.

Molly received hormones as a part of her medical treatment because she had a breast cancer and these hormones had to keep down her libido. But actually she became really crazy about sex. It made her divorce and start her sex adventures. Molly said that such a marathon made her feel good and alive. Unfortunately last year Molly passed away at the age of 45.