In Beijing, two people have been arrested for having sex in the store

Having sex in familiar places is not cool. Many thrill-seekers tend to find as many interesting places as possible – one of them was the fitting room of the Uniqlo store. Participants of such interesting sexual show didn't hesitate, and removed the events on the camera – millions of users of social networks could admire this grandiose show. The most popular this video has gained in such microblogs as Weibo and WeChat.

Two of the five characters in the video were arrested just a couple of hours after the shooting, about the rest is not known. Many believe that this video is used for viral advertising Uniqlo – such a PR-action will attract a lot of buyers to the stores of this network.

Law enforcement agencies are trying to find out whether it was black advertising – for this they will have to work hard and find customers for this video. If the company Uniqlo really ordered such a show for its own promotion, its owners will have to pay a tidy sum (about 160 thousand dollars), and in the most difficult case it faces a license revocation and closure. The very management of the company refuses to comment on what is happening, so we can only guess – whether it was an attack of sexual desire of ordinary buyers, or a brilliant marketing move with hired prostitutes and passers-by men.