In 50 years, robots will be everywhere

It is planned that robots will communicate with visitors in it, as well as fulfill their most intimate sexual desires.

sex robot

The representative of the company is sure that they will also be able to achieve the maximum similarity of robots and people, as it was in the famous series. However, they clarified that a third-party company will develop the theme park.

It is believed that in some fifty years, robots in many areas will be able to replace human labor. They can be seen in construction work, tourism, and even in brothels.

Today, the American started his sex toy blog on Instagram and even plans to formalize this relationship legally.

Recall that the series tells about a park where robots live and play different thematic stories for rich people. Some robots are killed, and the most explicit sexual fantasies are realized with them. However, then they start a riot and start fighting for their rights. The third season of the popular series is expected to be released in March.