If the condom torn: replies to issues.

The condom broke or at hand there were no means of protection at all, and the mind did not have enough to postpone sex until better times... Let's talk about the tips and how to distinguish truth from fiction.

If the condom torn: replies to issues.

Immediately after sexual intercourse, a woman needs to lift something heavy and even better – to jump on her heels. Sperm will flow!

Sperm is not water in the ear; you can't shake it by jumping. Ejaculate is thrown into the genital tract of a woman under pressure; part of the sperm enters the cervix, which is not contract by straining and jumping. So for healthy women, these «postorgasmic» exercises are just exercises that are absolutely ineffective in protecting against pregnancy.

It is necessary to introduce an aspirin tablet into the vagina or syringing it with an acid solution (lemon, vinegar, and even better – aerated water).

An aspirin tablet inserted into the vagina really reduces the likelihood of pregnancy. Aspirin will make the vaginal environment more acidic, and spermatozoids will die, but only those who did not have time to get into the uterus. Usually spermatozoids penetrate the cervix for 90 seconds. It is unlikely that you will have time for this time to take a pill or perform a douching! So the method is unreliable. Soda is no better than other liquids. And one of its types - tonic - is categorically unacceptable as a solution for douching! It includes quinine. Getting it even in small amounts in the genital tract can cause adhesions in the pipes, which is fraught with ectopic pregnancy, and later persistent infertility and sexual disorders.

It is urgent to have sex with another partner – different sperm «deactivate» each other.

On the contrary, it is possible to get pregnant right away from both men. A famous case occurred when a white woman gave birth to twins. One was blue-eyed blond and the other a Negro. It turned out that she cheated on her white husband with a black lover and once slept with both of them without a condom: at lunch – with a lover, in the evening – with her husband.

So what to do?

If you absolutely do not want to get pregnant now, you should take the drug Postinor according to the scheme indicated on the package no later than 72 hours after the unprotected act. Note, the drug causes serious hormonal failures, so it is not recommended to use more than twice a year. A more modern and safe drug is Mifegin (prevents pregnancy without interfering with the hormonal cycle), but it is not sold in pharmacies. The pill can only be given by a doctor.

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