How to recover sexual power?

Each of us has a limit of continuous sexual activity. Once it is exhausted, sexual activity becomes limited until we give the body the opportunity to recover.

How to recover sexual power?

In the early 1970s, the famous American model Viva described in her memoirs how she once spent three consecutive days in bed, constantly having sex. At the same time, the beauty complained, as on the third day suddenly felt that she could not complete the sexual act.

The model's story is an exaggerated version of what actually happens to anyone who tries to have sex without stopping. The brain willfully forces us to rest, so that we do not die of orgasm. Nevertheless, many young couples believe that the body should work like a well-oiled machine gun, and perceive the slowdown in the arrival of orgasm with anxiety, and sometimes with horror. Their concern is understandable, but totally unjustified: such a slowdown is absolutely natural and should not cause any excitement.


Steve and Linda. Sexual relations between Steve and Linda began very rapidly, but after a few months there were problems. Steve found that he could no longer finish sexual intercourse as easily and often as before, and Linda lost interest in sex and became tired of it.

Steve is 19 years old. Student, not married

It was Steve's first sexual relationship. Restless and carried away, Steve, when he wanted something or someone, became annoying.

At first, all we did was having sex. Amazing! I came over and over; it was almost like a multiple orgasm. I had sixteen orgasms on our first weekend. On Monday I could barely drag my feet. Linda was as eager as I was. But then, after almost seven months together, everything changed. She no longer wants to have sex so often and complains that it hurts. And I can't come as often as I used to: more than three times it's hard for me. It's terrible that I'm starting to pass so quickly. What happened to us?

Linda is 18 years old. Student, not married

Linda, for whom it was also the first sexual experience, was a pale, thin girl. When I talked to her in private, she was upset and annoyed, and when Steve was there, she became taciturn and only wrung her hands.

Steve only wants sex all the time. We never do anything else together, just go to bed. Honestly, I'm starting to get bored. It doesn't even occur to him to ask me if I want to have sex. He gets right to the point. In general, I really like sex, but now I often just hurt. And all because I do not have time to «warm up» and remain dry. When the sexual act is prolonged for a long time, I suffer from pain, and Steve needs more and more time to come to orgasm. Last night he tried for almost an hour, until finally he finished. I was absolutely shattered. I literally have no idea what to do.

The sexologist's point of view

As a rule, the person who for the first time has known pleasure of sex seeks to be engaged in it infinitely. He has an orgasm as often as never before. The reason for this is the novelty, and long-held desire, and, obviously, the fact that this event occurs usually in youth, when sexual desire, especially in men, is expressed very strongly. So a teenager experiencing sixteen orgasms in two days at the dawn of his first sexual relationship is not uncommon. It would be much more surprising if such a pace could be maintained.

Nature has given our brain the ability to rest the body. If our desire for sexual satisfaction were rampant, we would die of exhaustion. In the brain as if the thermostat is set, that is terminating a series of orgasms, to allow your body to regain strength and energy. For clarity, imagine the body as a kind of sexual battery that sits down when overloaded. The easiest way to recharge such a battery is to temporarily abstain or at least refuse to orgasm. Many young people treat their body as a machine and do not understand why it suddenly refuses to work in a given mode. But sex is not just an orgasm. Erotic sensations are of great importance.

The way how you perceive your partner's initiatives involves not only your body. If the desire at any cost to have fun you do not like, the interest in sex melts. That's what happened to Linda. She did not have a choice in the intimate life, and in the end her feelings dried up. If Steve wanted to stay with Linda, he should start seeing her as a person, not a source of pleasure. The young couple decided to learn about other (in addition to sexual intercourse) sources of sensual pleasure. To restore its sexual «weapon», they turned to erotic massage and to technology Tao. Steve, although he could not reach orgasm as often as he wanted, restored the lost intensity of orgasmic sensations.

The idea of renewing sexual energy is not new. Even in ancient times, the Chinese adherents of Taoism believed that the human body is permeated with channels through which life energy flows, and it can be both spent and restored. They used reflexotherapy (for example, acupressure, i.e. pressure on biologically active points of the body) not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for stimulation of the genitals. After all, the penis and vagina are also reflex zones, with proper massage which normalizes the level of energy throughout the body.


Science has not yet been able to explain the mechanism of action of reflexotherapy. However, this well-known since ancient times method of treatment is successfully used today. Convincing evidence can be, for example, a well-known documentary about a Chinese who successfully underwent surgery, during which acupuncture was used instead of anesthesia. If acupuncture is performed correctly, the patient usually does not feel pain.

The outpouring of energy from the body can be observed using a specially developed method of photography. This method allows you to capture phenomena that are not visible to the naked eye, such as scattered across the arm energy flashes, similar to the tongues of flame. When the hands are touched by a person with lower energy, the shine and size of the flashes decrease. This is the evidence of the energy passing away.

Everyone knows that energy restores sleep well. According to Taoists, the same effect is given by some types of sexual activity. This is similar to the action of acupuncture. For example, the exercise «deer» stimulates the energy points of the penis and vagina and restores balance in the endocrine glands of the body, contributing to the preservation of sexual health.


Many people know that by pressing on certain parts of the foot, you can affect certain organs of our body. The same sensitive areas are on the penis and in the vagina. The cycle of the nine combinations of the thrusts is an exercise of Dao that is directed to the genital massage of reflex zones. Its purpose is to have a positive effect on the «seven glands»‎: pineal (epiphysis), pituitary, thyroid, thymus and pancreas, adrenal glands, as well as on sex glands (prostate and testicles in men, ovaries in women).

Normal sexual intercourse cannot provide a uniform massage of the penis and vagina — this is prevented by folds in the vagina and the irregular shape of the penis. To increase the uniformity of massage Taoists have developed a cycle of nine combinations of thrusts, including 90 movements. Not all the strength from to go through the whole cycle to the end: many men eyakulyat before. However, it is not necessary to be upset about this, since even not fully completed exercise is very, very useful. Continuing to practice, the man will gradually learn to go through the entire cycle of nine combinations, and possibly go further, having mastered several cycles. To successfully master the cycle of the nine combinations of the thrusts helps the Taoist technique of the so-called injaculation.


According to Taoist teachings, men can not only ejaculate, but also to inejaculate. What's the meaning of that? By clicking on the Yang-mo point, which is located on the perineum between the anus and the scrotum, you can reverse ejaculation, as a result of which the seminal fluid returns to the blood and is absorbed. It does not deprive the man of voluptuous feelings as pressing on a point does not suppress an orgasm, and turns it into a series of slow spasms, extending to five minutes. Despite an orgasm, the man keeps an erection or quickly restores it that allows stretching sexual intercourse for a long time. And since he does not spend his vital substances, then, as the Taoists believe, saves energy.

Seizing the moment, push the point Yang-mo, in order to prevent the flow of seminal fluid into the urethra. First, practice alone. Do not push too hard or too weak. If you push closer to the anus, the reception will not work. If you push too close to the scrotum, the seminal fluid will go into the bladder, not into the blood, and when you urinate you will see that the urine is clouded by sperm. Do not inejaculate if you have a prostate infection.


This form of sexual intercourse provides the vagina and penis with a massage that restores energy.

To perform the cycle, the pair must choose the most convenient position for both. A cycle of 90 movement proceeds according to the following scheme:

  • Partner enters into the vagina only the penis glans and then takes it out. He performs this small thrust nine times, then once enters the penis into the vagina completely.
  • Next, he makes eight small thrusts (only the penis glans) and two deep (all phallus).
  • Seven shallow and three deep thrusts.
  • Six shallow and four deep thrusts.
  • Five shallow and five deep thrusts.
  • Four shallow and six deep thrusts.
  • Three shallow and seven deep thrusts.
  • Two shallow thrusts and eight deep thrusts.
  • And finally, one small and ten deep thrusts.