How to recognize an egoistic sexual partner

Sexual egoists are people whose actions during sex are aimed at getting their own satisfaction, ignoring the emotions of their partners.

egoistic sex partner

This kind of sex will be primitive. According to sexologist Ekaterina Fedorova, it is quite difficult for both partners to get positive emotions.

The main signs of selfishness in sex

1. No foreplay.

The partner is not interested in your excitement as well as your emotions. He only thinks of himself ans his pleasure.

2. Criticism

He constantly criticizes your appearance, your behavior in bed, your tastes.

3. Speed

He is not tender or sensual. Sex is so quick that a woman has no time even to get excited. It’s better to leave such a partner especially if he doesn't care.

4. Your orgasm is your problem

Most egoists are gentle and sensual only at the peak of pleasure, but at their own peak. He doesn’t want to be bothered by your orgasm. He is sure that it’s your problem.

5.Do something for me and I’ll give nothing in return.

He says that you should massage him. Although he does not want to do this for you. He thinks you have to be happy to have an access to his wonderful body.