How to get ready for sexual journeys?

Many women secretly dream to spend the night with a man and in the morning not to be obliged to him in anything. That's what many men do, so why women are not allowed such luxury?

How to get ready for sexual journeys?

If you want to at least for a while to forget about prejudices and surrender to the power of men, which after you will not remember, then first you need to be prepared, both morally and physically.

1. Transform into a lioness

If you want sex for one night, the chosen partner should want the same. And any man would prefer to see next to him at such a time not a warm cat, but an angry lioness who knows no boundaries and is ready for much for the sake of pleasure. In this image you will bring the man to a forgetful state, and he will do whatever you want. And when you leave him in the morning, he will remember the time spent with you for life, and you will be satisfied with his act.

2. Remember about all the precautions

If you met a man a couple of hours ago and clearly decided for yourself that you will spend this unforgettable night of love with him, then think about whether you may so infinitely trust the first comer? Even if his appearance and manners say that he is not able to hurt you or cause trouble, it is still better to be safe. Do not go to his house and do not let him into your house, and better offer him a hotel room. This will allow you to completely loosen up and run away from him in the morning, leaving him no chance for further communication.

Do not forget about ways to protect your health too. Not every man wears a condom in his pocket, so it would be better if you pre-store in your purse this contraceptive. Thus, you will save yourself from many possible consequences that are fraught with random connections.

3. Understand for yourself that there is no way back

During the date, which will end in the morning, remember that tomorrow this person will no longer be in your life. It may happen that you suddenly change your mind to say goodbye to him after a stormy sex, but you must not forget that it was you who decided to take such a step, and there is no way back. You knowingly chose a partner who does not need further relationships, so do not entertain the illusion that he will fall in love with you and will remain forever. Sex for one night does not involve the development of relations, it is only a small episode of your life.