How to enhance the quantity of orgasms?

The link between good sex, weight loss, health and good mood has long been proven. Scientists managed to find another important consequence of good sex. Healthy sleep is also the key to an active sex life. This indicates a new study, according to which sleep duration has a huge impact on libido.

How to enhance the quantity of orgasms?

Scientists have a very simple explanation for this dependence. They believe that when a person sleeps enough (about 8 hours a day), it helps to increase the level of sex hormones. However, there is the opposite phenomenon. Lack of sleep has a detrimental effect on hormones, which leads to low libido.

Researchers say that people who sleep only 4 hours often suffer from a lack of sexual desire or erection problems (in men).

A good sleep guarantees more pleasure from sex. Orgasms contribute to a more rapid sleep. All of these processes are connected, so if one of them is suffering, it can put you in a vicious circle. Therefore, experts advise to devote more time to rest.