How to improve sex in missionary position

Use these techniques to receive and give even more pleasure during intimacy.

sex in missionary position

The missionary position is considered one of the most boring. This is explained rather trivially: most men make monotonous movements that do not allow them to experience incredible bliss. We present to your attention 5 cool techniques that will help improve sex in the missionary position. Take these techniques into practice, and the classic position will bring you a lot of pleasant sensations.


Grasp the base of the penis. Start making circular movements with them in your partner's vagina. The sensitivity of the vaginal walls differs in different areas. So circular motions can have a positive effect on the routine, making it more vivid and fun. This recommendation is most relevant for those with not very thick penises.


After penetration many men focus on the anterior wall of the vagina. They do this in order to stimulate the notorious point G. However, not all ladies welcome monotonous actions. Try to rub against the back wall as well, do not leave it unattended. To do this, you need to push the penis down. Frictions should be short, do not try to go as deep as possible.


Ask your beloved to lower her hips. Lift up above it so that your body is a bit above. At the same time, your shoulders are level with your partner's head. During frictions, your penis will slide back and forth along the clitoral region of your beloved, thereby stimulating her and bringing the orgasm closer. Do everything lightly and slowly. Do you remember that the clitoris is extremely sensitive?

Boar strike

Making frictions, direct the penis to the left or right, applying pressure on one side of the vagina. Studies have shown that for many women, one side of the vagina is more sensitive than the other. So, you should experiment to figure out which side needs the most stimulation.

Sporting sparrow

Make quick and not very deep movements inward and outward, while not removing the entire penis. For most ladies, the first few centimeters of the vagina are especially sensitive. So, you don't have to penetrate deeply, trying to satisfy your partner as soon as possible. Use these simple tips to spice up missionary sex and you'll both love it!