How to increase the sensitiveness of the vagina?

The fans of Tantra recommend some exercises, developing sensitivity, and then they help experience stronger sexual sensations.

How to increase the sensitiveness of the vagina?

Exercise №1: Find a few pieces of cloth of different texture (silk, velvet, Jeans, cotton, fur) and remember how they differ to the touch. Then pass to the training: Close your eyes and ask your lover to touch you with these cloths, and you will guess what cloth it is according to your feelings. If the first try hasn’t been successful, don’t worry, you are only developing the sensitivity.

Exercise №2: Take the objects that have a specific scent (perfume, toilet soap, orange peel, a slice of lemon, ginger), and study it. Then close your eyes, and your man gives you the objects to smell in turn. Your task is to guess what each object is. Then ask your darling to create a bouquet (for example, unite a petal of a rose, ginger, a few grains of allspice) and try to name the elements of the fragrant ensemble.

Exercise №3: Listening to music (preferably classical), try to follow the party of one instrument. For example, “seize” a violin‎ and try to listen only to its play for some time. At first it will be difficult, but then your ear will learn to distinguish and catch the sound of different instruments. This will make you more sensitive and sensual and allow you to experience stronger and more pleasant feelings during an intimacy with your lover! Let your intimate life be not routine and dull, but bright and memorable!

What If an Orgasm Is Achieved Not During Sex?

The women, who reach an orgasm by self-stimulation or being stimulated by the partner, but not in coitus, should pay attention to their attitude to a sexual intercourse. These women usually think that the main thing is to satisfy the man. The problem is that if the woman has stimulated the man to an ejaculation but haven’t had an orgasm herself, she won’t have an opportunity to stimulate herself with a tense penis.

Consequently, you must be sure that you receive what you want. Perhaps you need to prolong the preliminary play or the coitus itself. You should take care of the surroundings in which you have sex, they should satisfy you. You may need a more excited position. Adulation doesn’t work in the bed since your needs are as important as the needs of your partner.

The other approach is to change the usual surroundings of sex. Alter your position or change a little the angle and movements in the position which you already use. If you have never used a vibrator during coitus, you may try it. If you have sex only in bed, try somewhere else. Change carefully the usual models. Concentrate your attention on the pleasant sensations that you have during copulations.

Self-stimulation is a good way to solve this problem. Your ability to feel an orgasm as the result of the stimulation of the vagina by your hands will become better. If you are able to have an orgasm in a few minutes by a manual stimulation, your vagina will be more swelled with blood and the sensations will be more intensive. Then it will be easier for you to reach an orgasm by penis frictions.

Situational Anorgasmia

If you had orgasms in the past, but at present you don’t achieve them regardless the means, it is your case Situational anorgasmia commonly signals changes in health, relations with the partner or your attitude to sex.

Has your physical condition altered? Have you caught some infection? Do you drink much or take drugs? Some diseases can develop gradually. The most widely-spread disease of such type is diabetes. You should go through the whole examination to find out the physical causes.

If you don’t have any problems with your health, discuss with your partner what changed in your life. Perhaps you lack something in your relationship. You might have moved to a new place or have changed your attitude to your children. You may also feel yourself lonely and irritated in the relationship. Try some communication exercises. Besides, do special exercises to relax and diminish your anxiety.

Pain at Copulation

First of all you should consult a gynecologist or other therapist. If your sexual organs are in good condition, then you need to control yourself the process of copulation.

A painful copulation often occurs because your partner controls the time, position and depth of the penetration at coitus. The vagina spreads out and increases at sexual excitementу in order to adjust to any size of the penis, but it doesn’t happen at once. At first you need to be stimulated in a proper way.

You must be carefully lubricated. Let your partner enter a lubricated finger into the vagina. You should make movements similar to pushing out your partner’s finger. The extrusive movements open the vagina for an easier penetration. Your partner may start making the movements with the little finger, gradually passing to the thumb. At first he should place the finger into the vagina and not to make any movements. Then he may start to move it, imitating penis frictions, by degrees increasing the speed and depth of the penetration.

Allow yourself to get. Let your partner stimulate you manually or orally till you have the most beautiful and longest orgasm that can be. Your lover should stimulate the vagina and if possible - the G spot.

Choose the position for copulation in which you have more control. You should control the speed and depth of the penetration and determine the number and type of the movements, from total rest till intensive frictions. At the same time you can stimulate the clitoris. Remember about the extrusive movements towards your partner’s penis.

Practice this exercise till you have an orgasm with the partner’s penis inside. He should understand that this problem can be eliminated much easier with his help and approval. The process can bring pleasure both to you and your partner.