How to arouse a female? Erogenous areas in women.

Whole myths and legends are regularly composed about the female point G, but few people understand what this zone means and what other erogenous points exist on the body of the fairer sex. There are several special places called U, A and K. Let's Analyze how to influence them and what result can be achieved through simple manipulations.

How to arouse a female? Erogenous areas in women.

The same point G is located in the vagina at a distance of four to five centimeters. This place has a high sensitivity to all kinds of influences. The place reaches from one and a half to two centimeters and contains more than five hundred nerve endings per millimeter squared. To understand what this means, you can simply compare the sensitivity of this zone and other parts of the vagina, in particular, the sensitivity of epithelium which contains no more than thirty such endings. From this we can conclude that the impact on this point will bring a woman twenty times more pleasure during sexual intercourse, so it is so much talk. You may stimulate this place with your fingers, or resort to special vibrators designed specifically for this area.

Point K is located in the vagina, but already in the back wall, so it can be affected only during anal sex. Here an important role is played by the individual structure of the girl's body. A pleasant sensation of stimulation of the surface of this zone will occur only when the wall between the vagina and rectum is not too dense. The impact on this zone will bring a woman a sea of sensations and a violent orgasm.

The area called the point U, is located near the urethra, so its stimulation will bring ambiguous sensations to a woman: pleasure and at the same time an acute desire to visit the toilet and free the bladder. The zone is quite large, but is not affected in ordinary intercourse. At the same time stimulating this zone and the g-point, a woman can get several orgasms in a row, and also come to a squirt.

Point A can be found in a woman's vagina between it and the bladder. Area reaches a couple of centimeters and also has a special sensitivity. After orgasm, this area allows you to increase the time of pleasure. Stimulation of it even after orgasm does not bring the girl unpleasant sensations, but only delivers a storm of emotions. In this impulse, a woman feels love for her partner; as such an impact on this component of her vagina increases the emotional contact of partners.

The most unforgettable moments during sex can be experienced with a one-time stimulation of all the above areas. This knowledge will be useful for men in order to give their girlfriends maximum pleasure.