How to determine that she has not had sex for a long time?

How to understand that a woman has not had a serious relationship for a long time? There is a set of external and behavioral clues that will tell you exactly when a woman had the last sex.

Understand that a woman has not had a relationship

A woman without sex does not sleep well and in the morning she looks tired and dissatisfied.

If there is no sex for a long time, then a woman's body does not produce enough collagen and progesterone, which threatens, in the first case, aging of the skin, and in the second – the appearance of acne.

The lack of endorphins in the female body from the lack of sex threatens constant tantrums.

Frequent colds and other viral infections occur in women who do not have sex in normal volume. During sexual contact, the body produces antibodies that protect us from disease.

«Short» memory in women, as it may be funny is also from lack of sex. Forgetfulness occurs due to the fact that the brain is not getting enough oxygen. And active sex and frequent breathing during the process allows you to quickly make up for its lack.

Because of regular sexual relations, a woman feels confident, believes in her irresistibility and is always ready for decisive actions. Or maybe it's just an inflated self-esteem or a mask behind which a weak woman is hiding, waiting for a man's strong shoulder.