How to choose a man for a committed relationship?

A good romantic and sexual relationship is every woman's dream. Of course, it's not just about a proper man. But how to choose a partner for a long, happy life together? There is no sole answer to this question. But there are tips and tricks, knowing which, you definitely will not be left with a broken heart and will pass by a man who is not worthy of your attention.

How to choose a man for a committed relationship

How to choose a man for a relationship

Remember that your health is the most precious thing. Your romance can no way threaten your health. Take it easy even if your romance is going to fail. If you are eyering a certain man, follow these rules. It will save your time and nerves.

Tip 1. Forewarned is forearmed. You need to know as many details as possible about the candidate, so that hard-hitting facts do not come up ater. Social networks will help you with this. If you have not found the page of the man himself, then you will definitely come across his friends. The companies in which he spends time, his hometown, hobbies, mentality and life principles - all this can be found on Google. Perhaps this is the information that the guy will hide from you. However, according to it, you can draw conclusions and decide whether it is worth communicating with this person. Now you know, where the truth is and what to expect from the future partner. After all, men often lie on the first date about their fabulous achievements, and girls, as a rule, fall into this trap.

Tip 2. Ask him questions. Don't start with the most intimate ones. But if you ask some common questions, your partner shouldn't fuss. If a man is hiding something and does not want to talk about himself but keeps asking you questions, it means that there is something wrong with. And if he lies you, just forget about him.

Example: you found on the Internet a photo of a week ago, where he is at a party with some girl. Ask him directly who this girl is and if he is a party-goer. If the answer follows: «I was in the museum that evening»‎, then there is even nothing to say.

Tip 3. Don't fall in love on the go. It can be difficult to comply with this point, especially when real passion flares up between you and the young man. But this advice is the most effective. You should look closely at a person for a long time, and you should be very reasonable. Only when you are sure that your man will not leave you in difficult times (pregnancy, postpartum depression, moving, etc.), you can trust him and truly fall in love. If you value yourself, then actions are important, not words. Of course you can have casual relationship, but don’t expect too much. Otherwise your heart will be broken. Take care.