How to lead a woman to orgasm?

So, to get an orgasm before sexual intercourse a woman needs (who would have thought?!) to be excited. Hands temporarily do not climb below the belt and do not grab the chest...

How to lead a woman to orgasm?

I initially believe, that girl to sex is located. I especially recommend having a clean girl. Your kisses will be nicer to her and she will be calmer, that she is pure. If you have long known, you can immediately cuddle up to her by your excited penis, she will like it. You can tell her what you're going to do in detail... You may use a hot whisper.

I recommend staying on the kissing neck and ears and posture as quickly as possible to change on a recumbent position as it is more comfortable. Just don't knock her down right away if you're not sure what she wants. Now a piece of finished 'faq' on kissing:

Be sure to kiss the neck and ears. It's desirable to suck slightly earlobes, you can bite, but not much. Caress by your tongue the ear from the inside. The tip of it penetrate into the hole. Gently breathe into the ear. It's very good to whisper the name of the lady. Then again use the transition to the lips, your hands are caressing the neck, ears, lips again neck. You see that she is already excited. You start to kiss the neck stronger, hide your teeth behind your lips, biting her neck like this, ears can already be just to bite your teeth, but carefully, do not forget about the whisper, and caress the tip of the tongue...

Sometimes there is a sensitive area on the back of the head, but I met it only a couple of times... Try it, maybe you will find it. Gently caress her by fingers first, then stronger. With your chest press her breasts. Female breasts are sensitive to pressure. Keep kissing. Switch completely to the neck and ears. Your breath becomes stronger, hotter. When the lady starts to cuddle stronger and stronger, your hands may be put on the breasts and on the ass... Depends on what part of her body she's cuddling harder to you...


Now boobs – be sure to find out if she likes their petting. If not – don't even think about it. Be careful with the nipples; do not squeeze her breasts strongly, only if you are asked, or if you see that it is pleasant to her. It's desirable to caress breasts counterclockwise with your fingers. Don't need to use the whole palm to grab them. You start from the edges of the breast with your fingers and making a semicircle move to the nipples - stroking the nipple with your fingertips. Then you miss the nipples inside the spread fingers making the movement of grabbing the nipples.

So, all this time, do not forget about the whisper and kissing her ears. There is one more trifle. Your leg move closer to her. Slip it between her legs and press down to «‎pussy»‎. The force of pressing the girl will advise herself. Cuddle up to the girl with your penis as her excitement becomes stronger and stronger, you can simulate the movement of the act.

But return back to the boobs. Now you can grab them with your hands, picking up as if from below, thumb and index finger stroking the nipple (gently). Affection becomes stronger already (I assume that she likes it). You can grasp hard and compress her boobs.

Breast kisses

Tongue lick the nipple from the bottom up, suck it, all the breasts in your mouth do not try to take, just enough nipple and the surrounding area. The backside of the tongue performs circular movements around the nipple, then the tip of the tongue tease the tip of the nipple. Let the lady see it. Try to portray pleasure.

With your hand caress her second breast. Don't linger for a long time on one breast. It is also very nice for girl when kissing, between her breasts. Try to use licking movements of the tongue and suction kisses – not much. Use also sucking kisses, biting teeth, hidden behind the lips, perhaps not hidden, if the lady is pleasant light pain. Just don't get carried away.

Stroking the shoulders of the girl is better to use movements of moderate strength. Weak movements are on the contrary to soothe her.

Buttocks and thighs

Hands are recommended to squeeze the ass with medium and more force, but not roughly. Don't be shy to ask why she groaned – it could well be that she was in pain.

Let female back and legs remain for self-study.

Your fingers are running along the skin on the inner thighs, caress the hairs (there they are – easy fluff, try at first only to stroke), then the hand movements from the knee and above, but do not rush to touch the «‎pussy»‎, even if she asks. The lady should be kissed, including her ears. You demonstrate the strongest excitement. Show your desire and cuddle penis hard to her.

In principle, you can insert penis into your girl, she must be ready... But this is not the highest grade, impure work.

All else

Now it's good again to caress the boobs lightly, go down with stroking movements on the back to the ass, strongly (not roughly, so as not to discourage the desire) to squeeze the buttocks, cuddle your phallus to the «‎pussy»‎. The lady should breathe deeply, hug you and show that she wants you. The fingers then move on to inner thighs and at the end of their upward movement touch the labia where the vagina is.

Your lips are again near her ears, the phallus pressed against her. You move like you're fucking her. Fingers with circular motion, counterclockwise move on the clitoris and her lips. In fact, it is possible to bring her to orgasm without the help of a phallus...

After a minute or two your girl may experience an orgasm. If you haven't had an orgasm with her, tell her what you want.