Scientists have found out how the menstrual cycle affects the sex drive of women

A new study has challenged the idea of how the menstrual cycle affects the libido of ladies. It turned out that not so much depends on the behavior of men.


It was believed that the phase of the menstrual cycle determines which guys seem more attractive to women. It was assumed that a certain behavior of men indicates whether it is «suitable» genetically.To test their hypothesis, researchers from the University of Göttingen observed 157 heterosexual women aged 18-35 years. They all had a stablemenstrual cycle. The participants were shown off-screen videos of dating couples. In different phases of the cycle, a total of 4 times, they evaluated these guys in terms of sexuality for a casual relationship. The researchers used saliva samples to analyze hormone levels and highly sensitive urine tests to confirm the date of ovulation and the time of fertility (the most fertile time).

How does the menstrual cycle affect libido?

The authors found no evidence that women's advantage over partners changes over the course of a cycle. But ladies during the menstrual cycle, comparing with other phases of the cycle, regard any man as more attractive. In addition, the researchers found that men who flirted were more attractive to short-term sexual relationships, but less interesting to long-term relationships, regardless of cycle phases or hormone levels.