How long should impeccable sex continue?

Scientists conducted a study and found out how much should last perfect sex. It turns out that 3 to 13 minutes is enough to enjoy each other.

How long should impeccable sex continue?

Experts in the study proved that the ideal time of sexual intercourse should be measured in minutes.

After conducting a survey among women, they found that most of them consider sex protracted if it lasts longer than ten minutes. This gave them the opportunity to determine that sexual intercourse is considered ideal if it takes from 3 to 13 minutes.

Also during the survey, many participants noted that preliminary caresses and kisses are important for them. Other women noted that they are indulgent to the fact that their sexual partners received an orgasm before them.

Recently scientists proved that some sports can significantly change the quality of gender life. Experts advise to engage in dance, gymnastics, yoga, and swimming. This will help to tighten the body and add energy. Men will improve potency, and women will feel more attractive and confident in their femininity.