How long should a normal sex last for?

One of the most pressing issues of sexual life is the duration of sex. This topic concerns not only girls, but also guys who are worried about the sexual satisfaction of their partners. So how much should a normal sex last for?

According to the latest foreign studies based on surveys, the optimal duration of sex is 20 minutes. This time is necessary for excitement of both partners and achievement of an orgasm. However, according to men's Health magazine, 12 minutes is enough for most couples. These results were obtained in a survey of Rostov prostitutes (more than 400 girls), using the mobile application Lovely. Couples were asked to note the duration of sex, as well as to assess their satisfaction. In total, more than 2000 sexual acts were analyzed and the average satisfaction from the result was revealed.

However, the study did not take into account the attitude of men and women to the duration of sex, while according to other studies, women need more time to achieve orgasm and foreplay is required.