How it is convenient to enliven sexual life?

Life with a regular partner does not have to be boring and monotonous. Sometimes it turns into a daily routine, but some little secrets can make sex exciting again and make your mind burn with passion. When we talk about sex, we think about intercourse first, but that's not necessarily the case.

How it is convenient to enliven sexual life?

For example, in some parts of the world, genital sex is not practiced, but people still believe they are having sex. Sometimes it makes sense to go back to basics and focus on one thing rather than being sprayed. Why do not you try to reach orgasm with kisses and caresses alone without penetration into the bed on the bed linen? Putting up obstacles can be just as fun as removing them.

Try to do without panties. Invite her to dinner and convince her not to wear underwear. Your secret will give the evening an erotic touch. Light playfulness will enhance the exciting expectation.

Get to know each other. Register at the hotel under false names. In the room, pretend to get to know each other in the course of a preliminary polite conversation. And let the passion of your real life capture you.

Don't hold back. Always let her know how excited you are during intercourse. If you like to listen to her moans of pleasure, you can be sure that your moans she will like too.

Switch roles and surrender to each other. You do not need handcuffs or whips, there is nothing more exciting than to surrender to the mercy of a woman you trust and let her do with you whatever her voluptuous heart desires. What does one call you? Act out the dating scene. Go to her in a prearranged place-in a pub, restaurant, and library or on the bus. Act like it's just an accident. It is clear what will happen next. Come alone and flirt a little with each other. Then talk and seduce each other. Flirting is sure to bear fruit.

Voice what you intend to do with your partner and comment on your own actions. This will add to your communication a sense of voyeurism or make you feel like you are playing in an erotic film.

A week of sex. Choose a week when you need (read: you want) to have sex at least twice a day. If desired, you can set additional rules, for example, do not use the same pose twice, have sex in the same place or room no more than once. At the end of the week, you will have sex in the ventilation shaft. If you want, your week of sex will reveal many secrets. Let the obscenity bring some variety.

Fines/penalties. Play a board game and set sexual penalties. For example, if she gets into your airport in «Monopoly», she is exempt from a fine in exchange for oral sex. Clean yourself up. Do you remember how much time it takes to clean up and smell nice for a hot date? If you both try to be irresistibly attractive, you'll have less trouble getting into bed anytime you want.