How unsafe are oral caresses?

Nobody can dispute the fact that among all the ways to cause sexual excitement oral and genital caresses are the most stimulating. They include the excitation of the sexual organs of the partner by lips and tongue – cunilinguis and fellatio. Very often these caresses are practiced by both partners simultaneously, it is possible if their bodies are in the “69”position. This kind of sex is also called “French love”. According to the statistics, from 30 till 50% of grown-ups practice oral and genital caresses.

How unsafe are oral caresses?

The people of the East are considered to be the pioneers and the main enthusiasts of oral sex. For example, in China from olden times the ability of a girl to give her love has been compared to a charming fluting. In India the “aup-arishtaki” art includes no less than eight ways of kissing the penis. And black Africans perform fellatio as a ritual when young people are turned into grown-ups, and during the first wedding night.

Depending on the wish, a man may ejaculate into the mouth or take out the penis before ejaculation. Actually women react differently: some of them spit out the sperm right after ejaculation, some don’t pay any attention to it, other women swallow it, at that having a very strong orgasm. It depends on a person. However, it was scientifically proved that the male sperm, mainly consisting of pure protein, favorably influenced the tonus of the female body and the accumulation of the hormone prostaglandin. The sperm facilitates the youth and freshness of the face. Any other mask totally cedes to it. The actresses, using make-up, know about it very well.

The fans of oral sex should be warned about some unpleasant moments connected with kisses on the whole and oral and genital kisses in particular. The trouble is herpes virus, slumbering in the body and activating at a low immune function (at overcooling, the flue, stressful situations). According to the latest statistics, 90% of the population are infected with herpes. After the period of passionate love the infected people have herpes on the genitals. Women have sores on the vulvar lips and the whole vulva, and men – on the balanus and penis itself. The sight and feelings are rather unpleasant. If early it was considered that genital herpes was caused only by a virus of the special type and solely after sex contacts. Now it is proved that the mouth with a sore has the same virus. A person with herpes is commonly infectious during the aggravation. How to fight the disease?

In order to make oral and genital sex safe, a man can buy so-called oral sex teeth covers. They are sold at any sex shop and put on the tongue. For the same purposes there are special female “towels”. These are thin, silicone cover-ups that are put on the female genitals. Actually they can be with different scents such as lavender, rose, almond and others.

The fact is that most men and women have oral sex only due to their love of natural smells and fantastic sensations. The ordinary genital smell can be of great importance in oral sex for both partners. A woman’s intimate smell is her “secret weapon”‎. Some men strongly react to the smell, even not realizing it. A woman’s smell is excellently “fixed” on the body. Even one dab near the earlobe before a date along with good perfume or even without it can be stunning! The more a woman loves her man, the more she loves his smell. For some couples a complex of skillful kisses is a top of the feelings! Besides, many people consider humidity and warmth as very erotic.

Even if the symptoms of herpes are not treated, they disappear in one or two weeks. However, in the future in three fourth of the infected people the disease relapses. Herpes doesn’t damage any other organs, but the chronicity of genital herpes with regular aggravations reduces the systemic and local immunity of the body.