How can a man help a woman to achieve an orgasm?

Orgasm is an amazing thing, but in order to achieve it you need to work. Partner experience will be the deciding factor.

Most often, it is easier for a woman to achieve orgasm in the pose of a rider. This position allows the woman to sit as a face and back to the man. The partner's penis presses on the g-spot, and in addition, the woman can caress her clitoris herself. A partner may also choose more suitable pace. Emotionally, women like to be on top; because you can allow the partner to caress the chest and visual contact will help to increase excitement. Female partner in this position can spread his legs wider, which will help to enter the penis deeper into the vagina. Turning back to the partner, the woman can relax and get maximum pleasure, and the man at this time may caress her buttocks. Even if for a few seconds the rhythm is get lost, it is easy to fix it. In the pose of a rider, a penis jumps out less often than in other poses, especially when the woman is facing the partner.

Choosing poses for a brighter orgasm, do not forget that the clitoris requires special attention, and the easier it is to get to it, the easier it will be to have fun. Men are interested in watching when a woman caresses herself, and lying on her back can be allowed not only to observe the process, but also to allow a woman to dominate and feel like a queen. It is worth noting that prostitutes are more experienced in this matter, so it is better to practice with them!