Hidden Sexual Signals

Men regard some women as friends and don't consider them while looking for a wife. The situation can be changed using the «hidden sexual signals» technique.

hidden female signals

If men like to talk to you, laugh, but this does not go further, you need to take action. A psychologist, an expert in the field of family relations, told which ones. His advice will help change the situation, make you more attractive and sexier in men's eyes.

Men perceive hidden sexual signals at the subconscious level. If you send them, the man does not even realize at what moment this happens. Non-verbal signs force you to look at a person in a different way.

How can you influence the male subconscious?

When talking with a man, touch yourself: stroke open areas of the body - this can be arms, neck or shoulders. Draw attention to the right areas with decorations. Bracelets will accentuate thin wrists, dangling earrings on a graceful neck, necklaces on the neckline.

The main thing is to make sure that these signals do not seem deliberate and vulgar. Include them in a conversational context, do not focus on what you are doing, just keep the conversation going.

You can also touch the surrounding objects, forming sexual associations in this way. Stroke things and a man will subconsciously perceive these gestures, he will involuntarily have a desire for you to gently touch him.

When talking to a young man, stroke your glass thoughtfully if you are sitting in a restaurant and sipping wine. While tasting the cocktail, you can play with a straw, take it in your mouth. Do not forget to look at the man and listen to what he has to say.

You can touch the table, but your movements should be smooth and unhurried. At the same time, continue to tell something or listen to your companion: on a subconscious level, the man will do all the rest of the work for you.

Many men know about the hidden sexual message the ladies send them by playing with their hair. They are attracted by girls who twist curls on their fingers. If rhe woman touches her hair, the man understands that she is trying to get his attention. You can throw curls from one side to the other, in this way giving an obvious signal and at the same time opening your neck. The hint will be subtle and at the same time very effective.

If possible, try to reduce the distance between you. Lean towards the man to show that you are interested in the conversation or sit closer to him, for example, showing some pictures or an interesting note in a magazine. You can unobtrusively touch him if the context of the conversation allows it.

There is one important condition in sending disguised signals, all movements must be slow, otherwise you will seem funny. Or a man will have the idea that you are freezing, something itches or interpret this as an attempt to hide nervousness. Make sure that the movements are smooth,, do not focus on your own gestures. You will notice that men will look at you in another way, you will understand how effective hidden sexual messages are.

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