Girl therapist began to treat by

A girl therapist from New York makes a living by treating people addicted to porn. Her innovative method is to bare herself before patients.

Striptease as medicine

28-year-old Sarah white (Sarah White) from New York, who has two bachelor's degrees-one in biology, the other in the field of dance-calls himself a naked therapist, because she shows a striptease before sitting in front of webcams patients.

However, the American herself does not consider her actions a striptease, stressing that she is naked in front of strangers with a good purpose, which is to get rid of porn addiction, writes the Mirror.

During the virtual session, White, talking with patients about their problems in sexual life and in relations with the opposite sex, takes off her clothes and allows the interlocutor to follow her example.

The 28-year-old is convinced that in this way she heals men and women affected by the constant viewing of porn in the Internet, and helps them to find love.

And to prove the effectiveness of her technique, Sarah refers to hundreds of clients around the world, including celebrities and VIPs, to whom she gave a chance for a new life.

And even though a nude therapist allows her patients to engage in self-gratification during a virtual session, White does not consider her treatment an intimate service.

«Nudity is allowed primarily because it creates a sense of intimacy and trust between the therapist and the client,» – explains the 28-year-old healer. – Many patients admitted to me that they felt a huge difference between my and traditional methods of treatment of addiction to porn. Therefore, from now on, they are willing to talk about their problems only with me, and not with the usual therapist. This is surprising, but I also found that many people do not tell doctors about their concerns because of embarrassment. And with me they are comfortable, as they regard my desire to undress as a sign that I trust them and will not judge them. And they are right.»

It is noteworthy that the girl does not have a license allowing her to work as a psychotherapist in the United States, because her methods were considered unethical.