Five things on which men pay attention at the first meeting

Very often judging by the man’s behavior at the first meeting, you may understand if there will be continuation of the relations. The matter is not always in the way the girl dressed or she behaves wrongly. There are certain things to which a man pays great attention and on that ground he comes to certain conclusions: if to give a second chance to a new flame of his or other meetings don’t have sense.

the first meeting

The sense of humor

If the girl is interested in the development of the relations after the first meeting, then even during this meeting she should show her sense of humor even in the situations when it can be difficult to do. It concerns some awkward situations or little troubles like a broken heel or wine spilled on the dress.

It is understandable that in these situations it is difficult not only to laugh at the happened event, but just to keep self-control. However, it is worth playing up the situation as if there is something amusing in it. The men, who in such situations also experience discomfort, estimate such behavior very much. They like when girls positively regard such situations and are ready to laugh at the problems and themselves as well.


Modern men and women are so busy so that they have no time even on personal relations. On that condition late arrivals can annoy and the old rule of etiquette according to which a girl can be late on fifteen minutes loses its actuality. Besides, to come to a meeting on time means not only to save somebody’s time, but also to respect the other person.

Peculiarities of facial expression

In the relationship the natural display of your feelings is always better than a “stony mask” on the face and affected imperturbability. In the second case men begin to look for a problem in themselves, thinking that such a “cold” face means the absence of interest to them.

Ability to hear the interlocutor

In this case the matter is not to answer the questions to the point or in some way react to the phrases of men, but really to take part in the dialog. Otherwise it quickly turns into a monolog. But it’s not too awful: most men like when an interlocutor listens to them attentively and with interest when they tell about their hobbies, work and life. And if at the first meeting a reticent admirer starts to tell about himself with enthusiasm and for long, you shouldn’t evidently divert your attention from him, looking into your phone or viewing the surrounding circumstances with a faraway look.

Peculiarities of communication

This point is connected not only with communication at a meeting, but it is urgent in regard to other people who are met in your life. It is important to learn to support a talk, be correct and find common themes for communication. And if there are not many themes for conversation, you should show interest to what your interlocutor says.

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