Five products that deteriorate intimate life

Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs, that is, they increase sexual desire. But there is also food that is better not to eat on the eve of the night of love.

Five products that deteriorate intimate life


Dairy products reduce libido. In addition many people have a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after their use and this does not contribute to relaxation in an intimate setting.


The use of legumes in different people can cause a different reaction. Some people after eating this product feel a surge of energy and others sense lethargy and apathy. Also, beans can cause flatulence in the stomach, so before sex it is better to abandon this product.

Energy drinks

These drinks are manufactures in such a way that after their use in humans there is a sharp jump in energy. This is due to the huge amount of sugar and chemicals. However, how quickly the energy will appear, so quickly this feeling will be replaced by fatigue and apathy.


This cabbage is known for its beneficial properties, and no one disputes that this product should be eaten as often as possible. But before the night of love it is better to refrain from using broccoli, because this vegetable contributes to gas formation.


A moderate amount of alcohol may increase blood flow to the genitals and relieve stress. But with a large dose, serious behavior problems as well as problems with sexual arousal may occur.