Female orgasm is longer, and in men is more often

Scientists have once again decided to confirm that the female orgasm is more complex and difficult to achieve, but lasts longer than in men. And male orgasm faster comes, last less time, but is achieved more often.

What is the difference between female and men orgasm

Women have different types of orgasms, and they depend on the sensations that a woman experiences from sexual intercourse. And from a variety of the received impressions the female orgasm turns out more deep and emotional.

The researchers conducted a survey that involved more than 6 thousand people, aged 25 to 65 years. Participants were asked to name their gender, sexual orientation, number of orgasms experienced, and number of times they had sex with partners. It turned out that men having sex with regular partners experience orgasm 83% of the time, and women only 63%.

In addition, it was found that women with non-traditional sexual orientation experience orgasm more often than heterosexual or bisexual partners. According to scientists, the phenomenon of lesbian orgasms is associated with more comfortable conditions during sex, prolonged foreplay and prolonged sexual acts. In men, the number of orgasms is not related to sexual orientation.

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