Intriguing story of a slut

The day was extremely hot and stuffy. I didn't want to move, nor even breathe. The sound of the text message brought me out of my state of inhibition. It was a notice of another order. I couldn't avoid an order as it was too wealthy client, and it meant that I could get too good tip.

Intriguing story of a slut

Unexpected call

I began preparations for departure. Perhaps a bright red dress will do. Without false modesty I will say that my appearance is very effective by nature. With the pale pink hair combed into a high ponytail I became a real model. Makeup completed my magnificent image. My lips I painted matte lipstick to match the dress.

I jumped out into the street, where I was waiting for a taxi.

I guess I wasn't expected

Half an hour's drive, and now I'm climbing the intricate stairs of an expensive hotel. Room 504, Suite. I knocked on the door. The door was opened by a young man of twenty-five, in sweatpants, with a towel on his shoulder and wet hair. It looks like he just got out of the shower.

- Who are you? - He seemed surprised to see me. I felt an inexplicable thrill when I heard his velvety voice and saw the gleam of his dark eyes.

- I'm regarding the call - I tried to sound indifferent. I think I succeeded: he made a sour face.

«It's that blockhead again,» he sighed. – Well, come in.

The young man walked deeper into the room, and I noticed a drink on the table and silk underwear on the bed. I had the feeling that somebody has just joked or made the guy a surprise.

- What's your name? - I asked, wanting to lighten the mood.

«Arthur,» he muttered, and sat down next to me on the couch, not looking up from his smartphone. I don't know whom he called, but the conversation was very tumultuous, and in the expressions of Arthur did not hesitate. After the conversation, he threw the phone on the table and condescended to me:

- What's your name?

- Victoria.

- Victory, then? - He grinned. His gaze shifted from my face to my cleavage. – Then let's not waste time, Victoria. Yes, and how can I neglect such a beauty?

A pleasant fright

He ran his thin fingers across my cheek and, looking past me, asked thoughtfully:

- I wonder why he chose you.

I wanted to ask another question, but before his lips roughly and passionately dug into mine. He reeked of alcohol. He ran his tongue over my teeth and squeezed my shoulders with his fingers. Unable to withstand the pressure, I fell on the silk sheets and instantly felt the weight of his body piled on.

«Give me your hands,» Arthur croaked. I obeyed. Feeling the touch of something cool on my knees and then on my palms, I tried to see what it was. I managed to do it only after Arthur, slightly pulled away, began to tie my wrists to the bed.

- Tie? - I whispered in amazement.

- You're so little, - whispered Arthur, squeezing my hips with his hands. – So fragile. Touch you and you will ring like a string.

Lifting up his dress, he began to kiss my flat stomach, and his fingers slowly and carefully made their way to my bosom. And now they're inside me. I couldn't help but moan softly. I didn't expect this inexperienced, at first glance, boy could be so skilled: he knew how to caress, where to kiss and what places to press.

- Today you are my victory, my trophy, - hoarsely whispered Arthur, and, rising, pulled off his pants, which were not cowards, but he had a great smooth and sleek phallus, with a soaked glans and strained veins. It seems that the guy has not had sex for a long time: too quickly he was excited by a couple of kisses and weak hugs. Having rested his «weapon» in my neck, Arthur ordered:

- Suck.

I squeaked softly, but the situation excited me. Despite my uncomfortable posture, I obeyed the order. Now I was his disenfranchised slave. But not for long: the shots of sperm directly into my throat for a few seconds blocked the access of oxygen, and I almost choked. I felt the tears run down my face from the surprise and fright. Arthur was barely on his feet.

«Un... untie me,» I sobbed in a strange voice. It was wet between my legs. I wanted to move them, but Arthur held them firmly to the bed.

- No. Now it's your turn to enjoy.

The hot glans of the newly risen penis touched my «girl», after which the guy completely immersed it in me.

«Oh,»‎ I couldn't help but moan again. I constantly felt demanding lips and forceful thrusts. I was completely immobilized: the man squeezed me with his hands and legs and quickly fucked, with each thrust penetrating deeper. It was harder to breathe. Suddenly I felt his hips twitch. It looks like liberation was coming.

«I'm going to ejaculate... I'm going to ejaculate,» he growled and splashed into me, his whole body shuddering in a sweet convulsion.

In the morning he threw me an indifferent «Hi»‎, drank coffee and, without saying bye-bye, left. I was left alone with a generous tip./p>