Outdoor games for getting orgasm

If you're like most women, then you'll probably need more than just penetration. So you will need: mood, attitude and of course clitoral stimulation. Now a new study confirms this fact.

Outdoor games for getting orgasm

The researchers also went deep into what women liked about genital stimulation and it was a fairly wide range: penetrating rhythmic movements (81.7% of women said they preferred this), movements around the clitoris (78.3%), transitions from one action model to another (76%), switching between intense and less intense movements (75.8%), and slowing down to prolong pleasure (73.6%).

Also worth noting: less than 20% of women say that longer sex is better. Most women also said that their orgasm is much better when their partner takes the time to excite them. And also when their partner knows what they like and there is emotional intimacy with the partner. And of course, stimulation of the clitoris during sex, good cunnilingus makes it possible to get a fantastic orgasm.

In principle, women have made it clear that external games (that is, all the fun happens outside of sexual intercourse) are very important. Unfortunately, all these factors are often forgotten during the prelude (if it is at all). It is clear that this does not improve your sex life.

Given all this new knowledge, it is worth noting that in a mass study published in the «‎Archives of sexual behavior» in February, it was found that women who have sex with other women are more likely to have an orgasm and more often, respectively, have sex. In fact, more than 86% of lesbians said they usually or always get an orgasm during sex, while only 65% of heterosexual women say the same. Maybe the difference still has something to do with external games for orgasm? It’s just a guess.

Conclusion: talk to your partner about what works and does not work for you in bed, and make sure that the game with the clitoris occurs during the whole sex, not just at the beginning. If your partner needs a little more instruction, cover his hand during sex and direct his movements as you like. And if nothing helps, feel free to take matters into your own hands — literally.

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